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Mine deep under the crust of Epsilon Eridani. Expand your newly founded colony's footprint. Avoid underground hazards. Through mining, provide materials for building new colony structures. Earn money to upgrade your drillship. Manage your drillship's fuel, health, and cargo during extended mining expeditions.

Tunnel Lords is a one player, 2D vertically scrolling, real time mining game. Mine 10 different minerals, including 2 radioactive minerals. Use 8 different buildings. Some buildings require initial construction by the player. Many buildings may be upgraded through contributing minerals.

Upgrade your drillship's hull, fuel tank, cargo hold, and radiator to delve deeper underground. Use your drillship's onboard thrusters to return to the surface after productive mining runs. Don't get greedy and stay in the mines too long or you may lose your life to lack of fuel. Avoid differing hazards in the mine or suffer catastrophic hull compromise.


Game input fully supports both Xbox Game Pad and Keyboard. In Game Input cues (keyboard or game pad) are based off the device used to access the main menu but may be changed on the options screen later.

Non Xbox compatible controllers may be used to play the game With the TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. See http://www.x360ce.com/ for details. X360CE is not included with the game and must be installed manually. Note that X360CE will cause performance issues with Tunnel Lords unless it is initially run in administrator mode to configure the controller.


  • Movement - Arrow Keys, WASD
  • Accept - Left Control, Right Control, Enter
  • Cancel - Left Shift, Right Shift, Escape
  • Remove/Delete - X (Delete a saved game)
  • Open Title Menu - Escape, Delete
  • Open In Game Menu - Tab, Y
  • Sell or dump one resource - Z

Xbox Compliant Controller

  • Movement - Direction Pad, Left Joystick, Right Joystick
  • Accept - A
  • Cancel - B
  • Remove/Delete - X (Delete a saved game)
  • Open In Game Menu - I, Y
  • Open Title Menu - Start
  • Sell or Dump One Resource - X

System Requirements & Prerequisites

While we would like to broaden Tunnel Lords' support on other operating systems, we currently only support Windows. Sorry Linux and Macintosh users. Minimum computer system requirements are listed below.

  • Windows 7 or newer (Untested on Windows XP)
  • Shader Model 1.1
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft XNA 4.0 Redistributable. If not present, the Tunnel Lords installer will offer to install.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4, 4.5, or 4.6. If none of these .Net versions are present, the Tunnel Lords installer will offer to install .Net Framework 4.0 Client.

Language Support

Tunnel Lords currently only supports the English language. A moderate amount of in game text is included. The storyline includes technical English. Game play is manageable without understanding the storyline.

External Links

Disability Information

Concerns for someone with disabilities:

  • Does not require sound to play.
  • Tunnel Lords Supports the built in Windows On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to remap keyboard controls.
  • Gamepad controls may not be remapped directly in game. however, Tunnel Lords is compatible with TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, which allows remapping gamepad controls externally to the game. See input section for details. http://www.x360ce.com/

Age & Content Considerations

Tunnel Lords has not been reviewed by a formal ratings board like ESRB, PEGI, or ACB. However, Tunnel Lords does not contain any sexual overtones or foul language. There is no violence except for the destruction of your drillship when losing the game.

Content wise, we would have no problem letting a young child play Tunnel Lords. A child younger than about five years old would have difficulty understanding and mastering the game mechanics.

Transferring from Demo to Full Version

The full version and demo of Tunnel Lords are separate installers. By default, the full version installs on top of the demo, so it will not be necessary to uninstall the demo version. All saved games will be preserved and available when upgrading from the demo to the full version.


  • Programmed by: Brett Woodard
  • Graphics by: Tabitha Woodard
  • Music & Sound by: Eric Woodard
  • Special Thanks: Katie, Shelley-Marie, Jonathan, Rachel, Casey


PROBLEM: After installing, the screen resolution is set inappropriately, or the game crashes.

  1. If you can navigate to the options menu, attempt to change the screen resolution or change from full screen to windowed mode.
  2. If unable to navigate to the options menu, manually change the screen resolution or change from full screen to windowed mode in the Settings.txt file. This file can be found at My Documents\My Games\Tunnel Lords\Settings.txt.
  3. If using a dual monitor setup, attempt to unplug one monitor and see if Tunnel Lords will run.

PROBLEM: The game runs with significant lag.

  1. TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (http://www.x360ce.com/) is known to cause lag issues to Tunnel Lords if configured without using administrator rights. This emulator does not come with the Tunnel Lords standard install. If you downloaded and are using this emulator, right click on x360ce.exe and then click Run As Administrator. If the problem persists, delete the emulator files (should be X360ce.exe and X360ce.ini). Then see if there is still lag in the game.
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AuthorWood Dog Studios
Made withMonoGame, XNA
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Controller, Exploration, gamepad, mining, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Xbox


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Easy to install and clear instructions for use. My cat really likes the music. Great fun.